Corporate History and Mission

executive-protection_213x213Our mission is to provide safe, professional, tailored security solutions to clients and their patrons that yield comprehensively secure environment. We operate with the highest regard to confidentiality, precision, and discretion with every protection encounter. 

Your success and the success and quality of your event/site security are the primary measure of our success. By setting a standard of high quality service and performance in all our operations, we keep our focus on effectively managing your security needs. Our purpose is to be the preeminent in security solutions while maintaining a clear focus on individual customer needs and delivering superior quality of service. We will achieve our purpose by observing these principles:

  • We are committed to ensuring client satisfaction as it is our most important business objective.
  • We will maintain the highest of ethical standards and business conduct with every business encounter.
  • We will recognize individual contribution and treat each employee with respect and fairness.
  • We will model the highest standards of professionalism and job function competency at all times.